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Celebrating victory after a game on World cup 1998, France

Some say football some soccer

With another World cup in Football starting today, with few photographs showing Croats around the world celebrating one of the wining games on the World cup 1998 in France, we wish good luck to Croats in an opening game with host nation Brazil. … Read More...



Butterflies go free in Montreal

Butterflies go Free in Montreal

At Montreal Botanical garden butterflies are let go free every year at the end of April. From sometime in mid-February thousands of butterfly chrysalises are beginning a journey that gives life to numerous butterfly's literally in the front of eyes of Montreal Botanical Garden (video) visitors. Much more … continue

Open history book on Mont Royal

Open book on Mont Royal

Moment in Montreal history when French explorer Jacques Cartier gave the name to Mont Royal is recorded in an open book sculpture located on Belvédère Kondiaronk, on Mont Royal, overlooking downtown Montreal. Photo gallery featuring more photos from Mont Royal... You can read here what's written on the pages, … continue


Timeline – photo journal

Daily / weekly updated photo gallery from Montreal, universe & beyond Since the first day of Spring 2013 Last 20 photographs added to the Timeline Hundreds of photographs in photo gallery...             More Timeline - photo journal photos in Flickr archive...   … continue

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Red Square in Moscow

Line art – Moscow

Line art of the main square in Moscow, named Red Square, featuring GUM and Saint Basil's Cathedral, drawn by Kristijan. Discover Russia... … continue